abw: Sketching Out Some Ideas for use.perl.org Design

posted by abw on Fri 05 Dec 17:15PM   Printer-friendly

Following recent discussions on the non-shinyness of use.perl.org, I sketched out a few ideas for a re-design and knocked this page up. I picked use.perl.org as a good place to start, but the general branding (i.e. header, colours, styles, etc) could be applied to any of the perl.org sites.

Unfortunately, it's not a simple CSS reskin job. There are some also changes to the content required. But slashcode is all template driven so it wouldn't be hard to tweak the templates. I've stuck very closely to the original markup for the articles and sidebar blocks. The overall page layout is pretty simple. Use the source, Luke.

I developed and tested using Firefox. I haven't even looked at it in IE yet. I need a beer first... (time passes)... OK, I just had a beer. But I'm still not looking at it in IE. :-)

This is a stick in the ground. Anyone who thinks I've put it in the wrong place is encouraged to move it. The Photoshop source file is here.

-- abw

News: The Catalyst Advent Calendar 2008

posted by davorg on Wed 03 Dec 12:30PM   Printer-friendly
Kieren writes "The Catalyst Advent Calendar is running again this year (2008). The first entry is a summary of the results from the short Catalyst usage survey that we ran a few weeks ago, and there should be a new entry up at mid-day UTC every day between now and the 24th of December."

Ukrainian Perl Workshop 2009

Journal written by andy.sh (8643) and posted by davorg on Wed 03 Dec 12:30PM   Printer-friendly

Second Ukrainian Perl Workshop “Perl Mova — 2” takes place on 7th of March, 2009 in Kiev.

The registration and talk submission are open. Please consider attending the event!

Official languages are Ukrainian and Russian, talks are accepted in English as well. An experience from last year tells that English talks were well accepted by local people, thus we are very interested in more speakers from other countries. People from the EU, USA, Canada, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Japan, Andorra, Vatican, Iceland, Monaco, Norway and San Marino may visit Ukraine without getting a visa.

We’ve already booked the venue: it is the press centre of “Ukrainian News” agency, where we hosted our previous workshop.

Look how it was last year.