When it's raining I sometimes go skating at the Farnham Road car park in Guildford. It sucks as a place to skate, but it is at least dry. It gives me a chance to practice flip tricks and flatland skating and it's marginally better than sitting indoors staring out the window at the persisting rain.

left edge Varial Kickflip right edge

I've been trying to nail this damn varial kickflip for years. For some reason I find the varial easier than a straight kickflip (although I suck at them both so there's not a lot in it). On the few occasions when I get close to landing it, I'm normally so surprised by my success that I promptly fall straight off my board, usually hurt myself in the process. Maybe it's some kind of self-reinforcing denial thing going on, but I keep trying all the same.

Anyway, thanks to the wonders of digital cameras and Photoshop, you get to see only the best bits.