Computer Generated Graphics

I've dabbled in various different kinds of computer graphics over the years including ray tracing, 3d modelling and generating fractal images. Most of what I do these days is creating logos, icons and images for web sites using Illustrator, Photoshop and the Gimp. This section contains some examples of my work.

  • ABW Logo

    abw - that's me!

  • Airbow

    Logos and other graphics for the Airbow kite.

  • Benson Kites

    Various logos and icons for Benson Kites.

  • Canon Research

    Various graphics created for work projects at Canon Research Europe (CRE).

  • Gemini Logos

    Logos and graphics for the Gemini kite, none of which we ended up using, but some of which are pretty or just plain weird.

  • Geodome

    A ray traced image of a geodesic dome.

  • Kokopelli

    The legend of the hunchback flute player.

  • Team Lobotomy

    Team Lobotomy was the name adopted by a group of kite fliers who shared a caravan at the first Berrow power kite week in 1996. This is a graphic I designed to announce our return the following year.


    A logo for the Perl Monger group.


    A logo for

  • Parrot

    A few variations on a logo for the Parrot virtual machine project.

  • Rec.kites

    A rework of the original rec.kites logo.

  • Icy Tignes

    An icy logo from a snowboarding trip.

  • Cool Logo

    Another icy cool logo.

  • Template Toolkit

    Logos and icons I've created for the Template Toolkit web site.

  • X-Lines

    A rework of the X-Lines logo.