Parrot Logo

Here is a parrot logo that I was inspired to create after seeing a rather nice picture of a parrot in New Scientist. Click on the parrot to see a larger version or scroll down to the table below for other sizes and formats.

Source Files

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The vector outline of the logo was created using Adobe Illustrator version 8. Here's the Illustrator .ai file:

Size 159037 bytes

This was then imported into Adobe Photoshop version 6 for colouring, applying effects and exporting to GIF and PNG formats in various sizes. Here's the Photoshop .psd file, you can view and edit it using the Gimp:

File parrot.psd
Size 582873 bytes

The smallest images (110x54) are 3 colour (white, black, orange) hand tinted. The GIF image is particularly small at less than 500 bytes, but who cares about bandwidth these days?

For the larger images, the .png files are 24 bit RGB colour while the .gif files are 8-bit indexed images with an optimised palette. Note that the orange colour has the RGB hex triplet of #ff9900 and is one of the colours in the web safe palette as well as being Leon's favourite colour.

110x54 File parrot_110x54.png File parrot_110x54.gif
Size 1536 bytes Size 452 bytes
200x100 File parrot_200x100.png File parrot_200x100.gif
Size 14042 bytes Size 5971 bytes
400x200 File parrot_400x200.png File parrot_400x200.gif
Size 34234 bytes Size 17005 bytes
800x400 File parrot_800x400.png File parrot_800x400.gif
Size 71284 bytes Size 51199 bytes

Multicolour Parrot

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Here is an alternate version of the logo with a more colourful parrot.

Multicolour Parrot Logo
Multicolour Parrot Logo

Parrot of Borg

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And yet another variation, this time featuring Parrot of Borg.

Parrot of Borg Logo
Parrot of Borg Logo
Solo Borg Parrot
Solo Borg Parrot