Andy Wardley with Gemini
Picture by Sam Eaton

Stoked in the Park

In January 2004 I started taking a video camera out with me when I went flying. Over the course of the year I filmed a series of movies, one for each month except December when the weather was too miserable to film any decent footage. Filmed mostly in Stoke Park, the series became known as "Stoked in the Park".

Can't decide which to watch first? Well the latest are generally the greatest, so you might want to start with November, October or September. If you want the gnarliest, most technical tricks, or if you want to see a sneak preview of the new Benson Kite, then go for August. July features the Airbow, a quad line freestyle kite, which may or may not be your thing. June also has some unusual tricks, and May has some lovely sunsets. But looking at the server logs, most people have downloaded January, followed by February, March, and so on. This leads me to suspect that most people go for the first link, then maybe the second, and third before getting bored. But given that the later videos are generally better than the earlier ones, I've started listing them in reverse date order (most recent first) to see if that balances out the viewing figures.