Freestyle Trickout Competition

The series of posts in which the Freestyle Trickout format was devised

  • Ideas #1: Freestyle Competition Ideas #1

    First ideas for a freestyle competition.

  • Ideas #2: Freestyle Competition Ideas #2

    More ideas for a freestyle competition

  • Trickout #1: Trickout Format #1

    Speedy mentions the French trick competition format.

  • Trickout #2: Trickout Format #2

    I jump on the "Trickout" format.

  • Bath #1: The First UK Freestyle Trickout Competition

    The first UK Trickout competition held at Bath, 1998.

  • Bath #2: Follow-Up to the First Trickout Competition

    Music and timings for the first UK Trickout.

  • Hackney #1: The Hackney Trickout

    The second trickout competition held at Hackney, 1998.

  • Hackney #2: More On The Hackney Trickout

    Feedback from the winner of the Hackney Trickout