Freestyle and Trick Flying

Posts related to freestyle and trick flying.

  • Freestyle Flying

    In defence of Freestyle Fliers everywhere...

  • E-Z P-Z Axels #1

    Learn Axels the Eezy Peezy way.

  • E-Z P-Z Axels #2

    More on Axels the Eezy Peezy way.

  • E-Z P-Z Axels #3

    Part the Third.

  • Flat Spins

    A back-to-basics definition of Flat Spins vs Axels.

  • 540 Flat Spins: 540 Flat Spins - The Full Story

    In-depth tutorial on 'Eezy Peezy' 540 Flat Spins

  • Multi-Axels #1: Multiple Axels/Flat Spins #1

    An older post (circa Oct 95) describing my first attempts at Multiple Axel/Flat Spin.

  • Multi-Axels #2: Multiple Axels/Flat Spins #2

    A more recent post further elucidating on Multiples and describing the technique required.

  • Throw Launches: Outdoor Throw Launches

    A number of different throw launches for flying outdoors.

  • Conveyor Belt

    The "Conveyor Belt" and some other tricks.

  • Grok the Kite!

    Freestyle Flying is about becoming one with your kite.

  • Stalls/Slides: Stalls and Slides

    Mastering the snap stall and slide.

  • Toast Rack: The Toast Rack and Friends

    Upwards Flic-Flacs (Toast Rack) and Cascades (Fountain)

  • The Fade #1

    Some of the basic Fade-like moves.

  • The Fade #2

    More ideas and inspiration for Fade-like moves.

  • Flic-Flac and Fade

    Flic-Flac and Fade Combinations

  • Flic-Flac

    More on the Flic-Flac

  • Reflection

    Other Flic-Flac variations or Now you see it, now you dont

  • The Fountain

    The Fountain: an upwards Cascade.

  • The Yo-Yo

    Different ways to wrap the kite into a Yo-Yo.

  • Trick Newz #1: Trick Newz #1 - Slammers

    Making ground contact... with a twist

  • Trick Newz #2: Trick Newz #2 - Limey Twist

    More on that illusive Lateral Roll

  • More Limey Twisting

    Further exploration of this strangest of tricks

  • Illusion Limey Twist: Limey Twisting the Illusion

    Nailing a Limey Twist on an Illusion

  • Long Lines

    Moving back up from short to long lines