Re: That damn Limey Twist

Subject Re: That damn Limey Twist
From (Andy Wardley)
Date Wed, 22 Jul 1998 10:01:34 GMT
Newsgroups rec.kites
Matthew McGee <> wrote:
> I have been trying it as Andy wrote it.

I understand why it doesn't work and I may be able to suggest a solution.

The problem is that it's difficult to get the nose of the Illusion to drop down, so try this instead.

Fly the kite downwards, throw hands forward to kill the kite and then pop both hands to slap it into a Fade. Do this pretty hard. When you jab the line, they should go slack as the kite rises into the Fade. When you start feeling the slack, take it up in one line, but don't pull hard until the nose of the kite is up in to the Fade. When it comes up, pull hard on the line and slack out the other.

The principle here is that the force of the nose rising hitting a tight line stops one wing dead in it's tracks and the other one keeps going up. It's got nowhere to go, so it rolls round over the other wing.

This is what I call a "Pop Lateral Roll".

Now I think it should be possible to do this on the Illusion.

Here's the clever part: the kite rolls around 180 degrees until it is belly down, nose towards you. As it comes into this position, push both hands forward to let the nose drop. As and when it does pop with one hand to spin the Limey Twist.

This may, or may not work, but it has to be worth a try. I guess this would be a "Pop Limey" or some other such ridiculous nomenclature :-)=

I guess it's the same kind of technique that I'm using to do Multiple Pop Laterals (still very badly - only 360 is clean so far) but I hadn't really thought of it until now. Having to describe new tricks is very difficult but it really does make you think hard about what you're doing.

Perhaps the new rule should be: you can't name it until you've taught 3 other people to do it 3 times in a row. :-)=


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