Re: Jam Session Rising Fade

Subject Re: Jam Session Rising Fade
From (Andy Wardley)
Date Thu, 4 Jun 1998 07:15:25 GMT
Newsgroups rec.kites
Ron K wrote:
> And lastly a couple weeks ago Mark showed me yet another way to setup
> a fade...  at the top of the wind window, start a nose down decent,
> run forward giving much slack, the kites flatten out and slows up to
> stall. A gentle tug flips it into a fade.

Do you mean a single Flic-Flac into a Fade or have I missed something? It sounds like the same thing, but done more slowly to give the kite time to flatten out.

There's a very nice combo I've been working on (just waiting to be named) which consists of Flic-Flac's alternating with Fades. Start in dive, flatten out and then pop into a Fade (actually, you can start into the Flic-Flac any way you like, but a power dive/kill/fade is my favourite). Hold it for a second and then do a single Flic-Flac back into a Fade. And repeat....

The clever part is killing the kite out fairly gently so that it doesn't loose any height and then popping it hard into a Fade and letting it rise slightly from the pressure (Elevator). The overall effect is the syncopated beat of Flic-Flac with the held Fade and the kite rising all the way up the window. That's why the power dive works so well to start into it.

This is absolutely, definately, in no way whatsoever in a million years, called an "Up The Flic-Flac". That is **NOT** a good name for it. Other suggestions welcome. :-)=

[ as an aside, the "Toast Rack" is a rising Flic-Flac (normally off the ground from a French Toast or Headspring) but this has a different feel because of the definate pause in the Fade part and the off-beat rhythm ]

I seem to recall that the Illusion is very slow to Flic-Flac and you may find that it looses too much height. On the other hand, the Illusion is very good at gaining height in the Fade so you might be able to compensate. I've been using an Outer Space and an Activated Box of Tricks to do this.

It may be in the bridle, of course.