Re: That damn Limey Twist

Subject Re: That damn Limey Twist
From (Andy Wardley)
Date Wed, 22 Jul 1998 09:44:51 GMT
Newsgroups rec.kites
Steve Pallen  <> wrote:
> What is the difference between the lateral roll and the limey twist?

A Lateral Roll is a class of tricks, like the Axel, Flat Spin, etc.

There are several variations, one of which is the Limey Twist.

> Does the limey twist rotate with the spine completely vertical, or
> does it have some angle (line 15-30 deg.)? I think I have some one of
> these moves on the Illusion when I get the nose down and both lines
> over one leading edge. A pull of the lines rotates the kite with the
> nose pointing down.

The nose is roughly pointing straight down, but may be a few degree off. The trick you're describing is slightly different. You get more of an "unbalanced" roll with both lines over one LE, but it's certainly similar.

> I also noticed that my rotating fades on the Alien don't rotate flat
> like the SL7.

The SL7 seems to be pretty unique in locking that nose up and getting perfectly flat Backspins. Here's one of the grey areas... how different can a trick be before it's a different trick? There is, of course, no right answer.

> The nose is pointed down and the spine is on a 30 degree angle from
> vertical. I get this trick started from a fade. Pull the opposite hand
> a little and then do an axel pop with the other hand. Kite rotates and
> nose drops. As it comes around, kite the main hand again,
> and again, and again.

Aha, you should be able to improve the Backspin by changing the technique slightly. Are you familiar with my 2-handed Multiple Axel technique? It's basically that but with the kite on it's back.

When you pop the RIGHT hand, you let the kite rotate about halfway round and then you take the slack up and pull gently on the LEFT hand. As the kite comes round you can then pop the RIGHT again, then LEFT, etc.

The effect is the same in both Multiple Axels and Backspins. The opposite hand helps to keep the kite rotating fast and also keep the nose down (or up, depending on the orientation) ready for a clean pop again.


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