Old/New Tricks: NYSINYD and Reflection

Subject Old/New Tricks: NYSINYD and Reflection
From abw@cre.canon.co.uk (Andy Wardley)
Date Fri, 5 Jun 1998 08:35:15 GMT
Newsgroups rec.kites
Richard Beckett wrote:
> I thought this was called something like "now you see it now you don't"

That's slightly different.

A NYSINYD (pronounced "Nizzy Nid" :-) has the kite going from flat belly down on the ground, Flic-Flac transition up into a Fade, and then back down onto the ground.

What I was describing was similar but is actually a Flic-Flac inches above the ground, where the tips rub very lightly on the ground during the transition from nose in to nose away. The kite never fully lands, just dabs.

A "Thought You Saw It, But It Was Just A Reflection" :-)=

But wait! That gives me a good name for the Tip Stab/540 Flat Spin from this position: Reflection!

Yeah, I like that!


Start in a Flic-Flac and gradually work your way down the window until a few inches above the ground. You really need to be able to Flic-Flac to the point where you can hover in control above the ground. This takes practice... :-)=

In the final transition from nose in (towards you with the kite on its back) to nose away (kite belly down pointing away), give a little more throw on one line and a little less on the other. During the transition, this uneven pressure on the lines will start the kite turning slightly.

If you push more with the left hand, the right wing (which is on the left as you look at it) will be closer to you. At the kite extends out it should be no more than about a foot (~30cm) above the ground. Walk forwards to let the kite drop slightly and the right wing (on the left) should drop even more. As this tip approaches the ground, take up the slack on the line to pull the tip into the ground and start a rotation around the tip. Then, give a pop on the left line which pulls the free wing around in a Flat-Spin motion. This should be a fairly agressive motion and the kite should jump off the tip during the Flat Spin, rotate through 540 degrees and then recover into normal flight. A clean exit should have the kite flying vertically up.

This transition from Flic-Flac into Flat Spin can also be done in the air. The method is the same as above, but without the ground. Kill the kite out unevenly and then go straight into the Flat Spin pop. A series of single Flic-Flac transitions interspersed with 360 Flat Spins is called a "Mutex".