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Subject Re: Looooong Lines... (was We
From (Andy Wardley)
Date Thu, 16 Jul 1998 07:22:32 GMT
Newsgroups rec.kites
Kevin Richards <> wrote:
> yea I fly long lines as well sometimes as long as 35ft definitely
> helps with the flying

True. Short lines sharpen the reflexes and help you to learn about your kite in great intimacy. Working down from longish lines (70'+) to short lines (say 40') takes some time and a lot of practice.

The challenge then is to grow back from 40' to 70' and see if you can still do all the stuff that you could do on 40'. It becomes harder because you have more slack in the lines making the kite less responsive to user input.

The big advantage is that you have so much more room and time to play with. When you can fly on 70' lines like you can fly on 40' then you really start to discover what Freestyle Flying is all about.

Being able to use the whole window or close down and work in minute detail in one small part of it gives you greater opportunity for contrast, style and variation. The very fact that you have a larger window means that you can pull a 2k+ Corkscrew (2000+ degrees, i.e. 6+ rotations) down the window and finish off in a nice Flic-Flac above the ground instead of pulling a triple and hitting the ground because you ran out of space.

Now does that sounds good? :-)=

These are all my own thoughts, of course. Everyone has their preferences and this just happens to be mine at the moment...

I was talking to Blapp Setter (Senior Public Liaison for International Freestyle Flying) at the weekend and he said to me:

"Andy, you must always do your own thing.  
 Be unique, but always be yourself."

Wise words from Blapp, there, I think.


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