Re: UK Trick Competition

Subject Re: UK Trick Competition
From Speedy <>
Date Mon, 18 May 1998 16:37:38 +0200
Newsgroups rec.kites
Andrew Phelps wrote:
> A few clarifications after reading the above:
> Whilst the competition will be in the UK, it will be open to non-UK
> residents if you want to make the trip.  Also, the format may be successful
> enough for use on the continent, so it would be nice to see comments from
> any interested flyers.
> There are three suggested formats.  Obviously I forgot the last one, which
> was implied at the beginning, using the European trick competition format:
> Each competitor flies 3-5 compulsory tricks and a ballet freestyle.
> This is probably the easiest format to implement since it is consistent with
> the other competitions organised by STACK.
> I will be making a few more phone calls over the weekend and we may be able
> to announce the date and location of the event next week if it is going to
> happen.
> Cheers
> Andrew Phelps

Hello all

when we've been in Narbonne 1-3 mai 98, Patrick Sommelet from France organised a freestyle/trick Competition.

It was great fun and we've been 18 (?) to compete.

The rules (this is an approximative of what I know, sorry. Do please excuse all my mistakes or misspelling in english...)

Before the first round, all competitors have their name on a piece of paper put the paper in a hat and pairs are drawn (don't know how to say that but you know what I mean). After each round the draw will be done again with the remaining flyers.

Two competitors enter the field at the same time (we call one red, the other yellow)

They fly against each other. Red fly 30 sec. (music provided by DJ, mostly fast (Prodigy or so)) Yellow fly 30 sec. (DJ provides the same music as before). Then Red fly another 30sec. followed by Yellow 30 sec. and a third round R30s, Y30s is done.

Each round of 30 sec. is judged seperately. There are no numbers,just Y better than R or R better than Y. After the three rounds each judge has a score, either 2:1 or 3:0.

The judges will show after the third round at the same time a red or yellow flag to show which one won. The winner goes to the next round. Looser is out.

The judging criterias have nothing to do with the music. Only the number, the variety and execution of the tricks are taken in count. (it is totally different from a STACK comp. and that's good. That's probably why I was out after the first round, I made two or three corners and kept the kite too long in nice possitions while my competitor was just doing flic-flacs, yo-yo's, cascades etc.)

The judges aren't STACK judges (can be but only the ones which can switch their mind :-) ) but can be one from the public, flyers (who don't like to compete but are willing to judge this), all the wifes and girlfriends which are at all the festivals but never have been see flying themselve but know about etc.

Advantage: no wind rules, everybody can enter the competition, interesting for the public and the flyers because of immediate "scores", easy to organise anywhere, great fun to fly and to watch (learned some new combination of tricks!)

Disadvantage: not necesseraly the best will win (as at most competitons ;-) )

Patrick Somelet told me that the rules are on its web page.

Stay safe + have GREAT fun