From TakoGuy <>
Date Wed, 24 Jul 1996 08:33:40 -1000
Newsgroups rec.kites
One in a series of three:
Andy Wardley wrote:
> Andrew Beattie wrote:
> > I think that it would be courteous to support Rick's project 
> > by letting it run it's course before muddying the waters by 
> > producing competing designs.
> Frank Kenisky IV responds:
> > WHY?
> [...]
> > And what is your project, control of rec.kites and the t-shirts?
> Take a chill pill, Frank. Andrew suggests "it would be courteous" and
> doesn't state "Thou shalt not...because I SAY SO".

Frank responds...

No Andie he did not say SO. I never said he did. But to say that we should be courteous to one invdividual over anothers attempts, for whatever reason is to discourage others who may want to contribute to this small industry.

Andy, Andy, Andy, it is obvious to me that Androol is a good friend of yours or you would not have come to his aide, (which I might add he needs). A "chill pill"? Well Dr. Death, the next time I want a medical obinion about what medication I need to take I'll remember..."TO ASK YOU FIRST!!!"

> Sorry, but when did rec.kites become a business?  I hardly think
> printing a few T-Shirts constitutes a money making venture in which 
> the evil monopoly (Rick) gets to rip off all the innocent punters 
> (us) who have no choice but to buy a rec.kites T-Shirt (having lost 
> all free will to decide if we want one or not because of Andrew's 
> hidden mind control messages uuencoded in his .signature file).

Dr. Andy Wronger, when we encourage (like Androol from the socialistic state of the UK) and patronize one one individual in a venture (project) then it is called a monopoly. (now give the correct address to mail out the bill for providing you with a lesson in economics.)

Why can't anyone persue another project with the same enthusiasm? Because he's not our buddy? or maybe because he didn't come up with it first? What are we imature children here.

Hey Dr. A Wacko, does your mother know your using her net access? Maybe that's why she's been coming home so grumpy lately. She can't seem to get on the flirting channels on irc.

> And exactly how big is the current market place?  How many people are
> likely to buy a rec.kites T-Shirt?  (that's a rhetorical question -
> no "Me Too" postings please).  I would guess it's less than 50 people,
> perhaps 100 at most.  Considering the number of T-Shirts you need to
> order to secure a reasonable per-piece price, I would guess that Rick's
> going to have a tough job breaking even *without* any competition.  With
> two competing designs and a market potentially halved, that pretty much
> blows both people out of the water.
> I don't know Rick personally, but I do know that people who can normally
> be bothered to go to the effort of getting a T-Shirt printed (or
> organising a Kite Festival, Web Site, etc., for that matter) generally
> don't do it to make a lot of money, but from a sense of wanting to
> give something to the community at large.  I respect both parties for
> wanting to undertake the venture but agree with Andrew that we shouldn't
> let Rick fall flat on his face seeing as he's already put effort into
> the project on our collective behalf.

Are you on drugs? Just what are you talking about? First you attack me for something you obviously don't comprehrend or even understand, then you talk about T-Shirts, Web Sites and Kite Festivals as if they are one in the same. Then you mention someone who is doing something for "OUR" collective behalf. If your point was to support Rick then by all means, support Rick, but why discourage someone else. Or for that matter why encourage someone else to discourage someone else.

I'll bet you studder.

> A responsible and professional individual who has no need for silly
> comments, inane banter or bizarre "in-jokes" in his signature file.

So you choose instead to post it.