Re: Stranger dynamic bridle

Subject Re: Stranger dynamic bridle
From Ian Newham <>
Date Mon, 23 Feb 1998 21:54:51 +0000
Newsgroups rec.kites
Robin Perry writes:
> Having tried Andy Wardley's dynamic bridle conversion on the BoT and been
> very happy with it I was wondering whether anyone has tried it on the
> Stranger and if so if they could give details?

Yes I have on my UL, and it works very nicely. It made the kite generally snappier but it especially improved flic flacs, flip flop/fountains (though I'm not too hot at fountains), flat spins from a horizontal pass and multiple flat spins. On the, only slightly, downside fades take a little more care to hold and those killer stops dont back up quite as nicely as with the static bridle. Because the turbo bridle pulls the nose in when driving, it's better behaved in very low wind without lightening the bridle too.

The dimensions I used are

Upper LE
    \   185
     /     \              All dim's in mm, measured between knots
    /       \ 
   / 565     \
  /           \
Lower LE       T Piece

I still like the laid back feel of the original bridle so I came up with the following knotting scheme which allows me to adjust the bridle without unknotting the yoke, and even to convert from turbo to static bridle just by loosening the larks head at the left and sliding it over the stopper knot up to the pickup point. I've since used it on the BoT and Fusion too, it's never slipped yet.

 Top LE Conn
     \                                    |
      \                                   X
       \                                 _X_
Larks   \   ____________________________|_|_|
Head    _|_|_                           | |
     / |_| |_|                          |_|_|
    /          Fig8 Stop Knot             \
   /                                       \
  /                                         \
 Bottom LE Conn                              T

Hope you can understand my crap ascii art :-)

> Cheers,
>       Robin (email responses would be appreciated to

Ian Newham