Re: Stalls and Slides (Re: Help with snap stalls)

Subject Re: Stalls and Slides (Re: Help with snap stalls)
From (Andy Wardley)
Date Tue, 30 Sep 1997 07:34:27 GMT
Newsgroups rec.kites
Simon Dann wrote:
> PS. For Greg NSR are good to slide and stall, use the out haul bridle
> legs to move the bridle point outwards this makes for easy slides.

Good point, Dann-San. This was the main bridle modification I made to the Inner Space to improve it's stalling/sliding ability. Rather than just move the outhauls out, I added a wishbone section of about 3" to the bridle where it joins the T-piece.

The benefit of a wishbone is that the tow points are pulled in during forwards flight when pressure is equal on the lines. During a stall, unequal pressure on the lines (say when sliding, or gently correcting a rolling stall) causes the tow point to move out and thus increase the stability of the kite. With the tow points further inboard, the kite tends to turn rather than slide.

Crap Ascii Art [tm] saves the day again...

           T  Static Bridle section at T-piece
         /   \
       /       \
     /           \
   /               \       T Wishbone Dynamic bridle    
 @                   @     |   (equal line pressure)
Tow points fixed           |
                         /   \
                       /       \
                     /           \
                   /               \       T Wishbone Dynamic Bridle
                 @                   @      \   (unequal line pressure)
                Tow points central            \
                                                / \
                                              /     \
                                            /         \
                                          /             \
                                        @                 @
                                       Tow points shifted right

If you have an Inner Space, try adding a short wishbone to the T-piece and simply lark's head the existing inhaul sgement onto it. A piece a few inches long with some overhand knots spaced along at will allow you to adjust the wishbone length and try different settings.