Re: trick kite

Subject Re: trick kite
From (Andy Wardley)
Date Fri, 31 Oct 1997 11:37:41 GMT
Newsgroups rec.kites
Bryan R. Janis wrote:
> No matter what we smoke the Jam Session will not do a Flik Flak.... however
> it will do Flic-Flac's..... before you blast make sure your bonk is
> loaded..... that's bong for us on this side of the pond.

(rapidly degenerating thread about US/UK lanugage differences, but it's a lot more fun than slagging off, er slating, I mean er, dissin' other kites)

No, it's a "bong" over here, too. A "bonk" is a shag, which isn't a dance but is in fact, a screw. No, not a twisty metal thing that holds two pieces of wood together, but getting laid.

Not laid to rest, you understand, for that would be shuffling off this mortal coil, but getting laid in the sense of bedding. But not plants, for that would be "planting", albeit in beds. Flower beds, that is, not beds for bonking.

Bonging in bed would be dangerous and silly.


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