Andy Wardley Day

Subject Andy Wardley Day
From (Dave Douglass)
Date Mon, 17 Aug 1998 10:21:43 -0700
Newsgroups rec.kites

I found out from Dan Whitney that Andy Wardley (ace British radical flyer) was gonna be out at Shoreline Park (S.F. Bay area) yesterday so I eased on out there with my trusty camcorder to meet him and possibly capture some "moves" on tape.

I hit paydirt.

When I arrived Andy wasn't there yet but several of the local guys were there already: Dan, Miguel Rodriguez, Brian Champie, Merle, Junior, Heath and some others I can't remember their names. All flying and shooting the "kite" breeze.

Andy showed up and did not dissappoint! He first set up a Deep Space and startled and amazed us with it, then an Outer Space, then his fav the Box of Tricks. He was kind enough to demonstrate the "Limey Twist" and the "Pop Axel{?}" by both flying it and hand holding a kite thru the movements. One of his antics on the BOT was to Flik Flak it about a foot off the ground endlessly!

He's a fine bloak and a kick-ass flyer as was the rest of the group. The winds were not the best (an unclean 5-8mph or so) but man, did I ever get a great kite "fix" and some fine video to study. I see a BOT purchase in the near future after taking a turn on Andy's. He said he's going to post the dimensions for the active bridle he had on it when he gets back home.

Here's a coincidence: I was asking Andy if he'd ever put an active/turbo bridle on a Jam Session (he had not) and that someone had just posted a favorable experiment with making one for his Jam on the this newsgroup that morning. Standing not 3 feet from me as I said that was Heath with his Jam Session and an active bridle on it. Came to find out it was he that sent that post! It could've come from any Jam flyer on the planet and there he was. I'm intertained by coincidences, they're fun. Just had to share this kiting blast I had.