Re: Andy Wardley Day

Subject Re: Andy Wardley Day
From Roy Reed <>
Date Fri, 21 Aug 1998 08:44:56 +0100
Newsgroups rec.kites
> > The Outerspace has an abw active bridle and its this that has been
> > tinkered with for the BoT.  Tim will, in time, be offering
> > the active bridle on the BoT (who knows maybe in the future other kites as
> > well PEUL, Fusion etc) but its not happening just yet, my incliation
> > is that this autumn we'll see it properly released and in production
> >
> > I think when Tim does go "live" with it and andy has documented it
> > we will see more people playing with varients for the many other kites
> > out there (Illusion, Jam, ....)

Tim has gone live with it. I got a new BoT as a present last weekend and was told that it was the first production model to have the Active Bridle. It flies like a dream.

Must fly

Roy Reed