Re: Low wind kite - 3-D or Inner Space?

Subject Re: Low wind kite - 3-D or Inner Space?
From (Andy Wardley)
Date Mon, 6 Jul 1998 10:32:03 GMT
Newsgroups rec.kites
Frederick Page <> wrote:
> Would have been my suggestion too. Although I own a Tim Benson Inner
> Space, you should take the name seriously: it does perform extremely
> well indoors, but (IMHO) not so good outdoors on longer lines.

The Inner Space was never designed to fly on long lines. After all, how many halls do you know with more that 30' ceiling clearance?

Or so we thought...

It turns out that lots of people do fly the kite outdoors on long lines. The factory bridle on the Inner Space doesn't work very well on long lines so I recommend a slight modification to add a short (about 4cm or 1 1/2") "wishbone" section at the spine.

  1. Remove the bridle from the spine. It's best if you can slip the loop off the bottom of the spine without untying it.

  2. Take a short piece of suitable line (150lb Spectra) and tie a small loop in the middle (just like the spine loop on the bridle) and another overhand knot tying the two ends together about 4cm down the line. Trim off any surplus.

     /  \_______________
    |    _______________
     /  \
    |    @============@=
          <-- ~4cm -->

  3. Slip this loop onto the spine and then lark's head the original bridle onto the end knot loop using the original spine loop.

This bridle modification improves the turning rate of the kite on long lines, makes it slide better and a little more tricky too. Performance is better indoors and particualrly, out.

I've also designed an Active Bridle for the Inner Space which works very well indeed indoors and out. More details on that coming soon....


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