Re: New Revolutions Kites & Air Master

Subject Re: New Revolutions Kites & Air Master
From (Andy Wardley)
Date Wed, 1 Oct 1997 18:23:42 GMT
Newsgroups rec.kites
Simon Dann <> wrote:
> I would like to claer apoint this message is meant to spring Andy &
> Tim into making a video. (I had just watched the Prism Video and I
> thout Benson Designs should do the same)

I know, I know. We've been talking about it since....hmmmm..about this time last year and although I made a start, it kinda fell by the wayside while Tim was getting Benson kites off the ground. We planned to shoot loads of footage this season to compile into a "Best of '97" video, but the combination of bad weather (remember the run of about 5 festivals that were all rain or ballistic wind?) and Tim forgetting to a) bring his camera b) bring a film c) charge the battery or d) keep Bungle away from the camera, meant that we ended up with a good 5 minutes of footage.

I'll keep pushing him.

Talking of which, if you haven't seen the Prism Video "Trick Show" that Simon talks about, you really should. It's falls somewhere between the instructional Flight School series and the purely inspirational Stranger/Psycho series and contains some great flying.

Mark and Scott left me a copy when they were over earlier in the year and watching it was the inspiration I needed to start thinking about the video again. Then I changed jobs, moved house and it got forgotten in the rush. I will go home and watch it again tonight.

If I had the time, effort, money and support, I'd like to tour a number of different countries around the world, shoot loads of footage and then compile a "World Tour" video. I think it would be fun for people to buy the video and see footage of some of their own festivals as well as those from other countries. All interspersed with some great flying, great music and not too much talking :-)

Imagine the UK, Continental Europe, USA, Australia/NZ, Malaysia, Guadaloupe, and who knows where else all rolled into one hour-long video. Anyone want to sponsor it? :-)

> Simon Dann, if I make kistakes tell me.

Er Simon, your shoe lace is undove.


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